Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Male or Female?? African Dwarf Frog!

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How to tell if your African Dwarf Frog is Male or Female?

When you go out to buy your African Dwarf Frog you may want a male and a female so that you can breed with them later on.

How are you going to know which is female or male? They look the same.

Well, the male is slightly smaller than the female and is skinnier in the body.

The male has a small gland behind each armpit, which can be whitish or pinkish in color.

This looks like a little pimple and is called the ‘Post Auxiliary subdermal’gland.

The female African Dwarf Frog has a chubbier body than the male. They also have a small bump between their legs. This bump is called a ‘Cloaca’ and this is where eggs and waste are passed.


  1. I am curious. Because they say that females can also have a small patch, but it won't be white or pink, and it won't be a circle. One of my frogs does have this so-called patch. She is chubbier than the male and she also has a little stub for a tail. I just wondering if you knew for sure if she is indeed a girl? I believe she is, but I am just curious.

    Leo's girl

  2. Dear Leo's girl,by the sounds of things your frog may be a girl. Check if she has a small bump between her legs, If she has, then she is a girl, Al the best, let me know?

  3. I have 2 dwarf frogs and i was wondering what the sex was. There is one that is chubbier than the other and has a bump between her legs, which is why i think she is a girl. but the second one is skinner than the other and also has a bump in the same spot. is the second one also a female?

  4. So we have a boy I think it has the white spot and also the bump between its legs and the other one has only a bump

  5. I have too african dwarf frogs. I believe one is male because it has the little bump under its armpit bit it also has a bump between its legs and look fatter than the other. The other is skinnier and doesnt have the bump under the armpit and has the bump in between the legs? Are they both female or male. Or is one female and one male?